Cheap Flights to Tokyo: A Modern & Classical City


Tokyo is one of the largest metropolitan cities of the world which is laden with exciting attractions, high tech gizmos, modern infrastructure, traditional culture, neon electronics and countless bars. It is the Capital city of Japan and the kernel of country’s politics, economy and entertainment views. The city is also a hub of thriving corporate sectors. During the Second World War, the city was ruined but, now it has been rebuilt and emerged out as the most developed and advanced city of the world. Here you also get a glimpse of historical places and tradition with temples and shrines. This is also a land which is famous for its delicious sushi & noodles.

Main Attractions:

Disney Resort: Here in this famous theme park, there are many attractions which not only enthrall adults but kids too. Disney-Sea is a romantic recreational area with state of the art attractions.

Dome City: It is a perfect family oriented attraction where you see amusement parks, spa, shopping malls and lavish restaurants. Here you and your family can enjoy endless fun & entertainment.

Hanayashiki Amusement Park: It is a mini recreational park with numerous fast-rides.

Sony building: This eye-catching and contemporary structure offers tourists the hottest audio visual attractions & computer merchandises. The 6th floor of this building delight kids as well as youngsters at heart, being devoted exclusively to the Play-Station.

Imperial Palace: A well-known historic tourist spot where you find the Emperor of Japan. It is the symbol of Japanese Royals.

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